Armor For Sleep keikkabussi onnettomuudessa

Yhdysvaltalainen indie-rock -yhtye Armor For Sleep ovat joutuneet onnettomuuteen jossa keikkabussin traileri irtosi ja bändi menetti suuren osan instrumenteistään. Vakavassa onnettomuudessa ei kuitenkaan kukaan loukkaantunut. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin tapahtuneesta.

Last night at about 3 AM our trailor decided to unhinge itself from our bus going approximately 70 MPH. This was bad. It snapped off our bus and ALMOST (and i mean so fucking close) slammed into the academy is bus which was trailing closely behind ours. Their bus driver SAVED THEIR LIVES by swurving out of the way just in time. Even though it is not any of our faults, i still feel guilty for putting all of them so close to danger. After the runaway trailor decided to almost kill my friends, it hit the center divider of the highway and all of our equipement inside was like ”hey dudes, lets get the fuck outta here”, so through the back door, side doors, and pretty much every other part of the trailor, our equipement freed itself from it’s captor’s evil grip and jumped all over the highway leaving a pretty large path of debree. Suffice it to say, lots of our stuff is broken. This stuff will cost money to replace, and because we dont have this stuff today we had to cancel the toronoto show…but its only that…stuff. We are alll soooo unbelievably happy that the only thing mangled in this whole disaster was stuff not dudes. When i woke up i got text messages from my friends who had already read about it on absolutepunk. I went to see how they got the info so early, and i read…4th post down ”I was hoping they’d die :(”. I refuse to comment on people saying negative shit about our music…thats fair game in internetland i guess, but this kind of thing does seriously piss me off. Thank you for everyone who told that person how ignorant they are, but my friends and i actually DID come close to being in a very bad place today. I look to absolutepunk sometimes as a source for having opinionated kids who know when situations demand a sense of compassion and who will drop their hostility once a situation becomes serious, so it just sucked to read that this morning. We’ll be fine. We should be all good for buffalo manana. I was really pumped to play toronto today. I still have $10 Canadian in my wallet from two months ago in vancouver that i was waiting to spend. Oh well. Thank you for your concern. Everythings ok.

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