As I Lay Dyingin keikka peruttiin Memphisissa bändin laulajan Tim Lambesiksen kärsimän vankilatuomion takia: Tim julkaisi pitkän kirjoituksen aiheeseen liittyen

Paluun keikkalavoille tehneen yhdysvaltalaisen As I Lay Dyingin keikka peruttiin Memphisissa sijaitsevassa Growlers-nimisessä klubissa helmikuun 5. päivä bändin laulajan Tim Lambesiksen kärsimän tuomion takia. Keikkapaikka perusteli päätöstään sillä, että ei tue perheväkivaltaa millään tasolla ja julkaisi aiheesta virallisen viestin:

”While we believe in the justice system and the ability for rehabilitation, we are against domestic violence and will always listen to those that have gone through the pain that it has caused.

Since AS I LAY DYING returned to performing, we’d had several requests to bring them to Memphis, despite the singer’s past. When the show was first announced, hundreds of people bought tickets right away. However, we’ve since heard the input of several people in the local community that we have the utmost respect for, and we want them to know that their voices are heard.

Growlers vehemently denounces all forms of physical and mental domestic abuse, and we’ll be replacing the AS I LAY DYING show with a benefit show featuring all local bands. 100% of the proceeds will go to helping local victims of domestic abuse.

As a locally owned small business, supporting our community is the single most important thing to us. In this instance, we’ve heard the community loud and clear, and we are going to do everything we can to ensure that we continue forward in providing an enjoyable entertaining environment that all of our patrons feel comfortable in. And to the people whose comments were erased, we sincerely apologize. Just know we stand with you.”

Nyt As I Lay Dyingin laulaja Tim Lambesis on julkaissut aiheesta pitkän kirjoituksen, jossa kertoo ymmärtävänsä keikkapaikan tekemän päätöksen, mutta toivoo silti joskus saavansa hyvitettyä tekemänsä vääryydet. Voit lukea miehen kirjoituksen aiheesta tästä:

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While I’m disappointed by the cancellation of our show in Memphis, I understand and accept the resentment some people have towards who I used to be. I stand against that person I became during the darkest period of my past, and it is part of my life's work to prevent others from going down destructive paths. It's now been almost six (6) years since I made the biggest mistake of my life, and I consider each day an opportunity to do something positive to turn my life around and to use my experience to help others. As I move forward with this purpose I know there will be obstacles. However, I wish we could have come up with a more meaningful solution for the fans in Memphis rather than just cancel. Perhaps I could visit a recovery center in Memphis, a free event to our fans + those being served at the center, where I can open up for Q&A and all questions are welcome. I look forward to continuing this conversation around recovery, how to prevent others from ending up in a bad place, and how to facilitate healing in the lives of people who have been hurt by others. I welcome the opportunity to address the topic of domestic violence and how I am not on the opposing side of this critical issue. Since serving my time I’ve been involved in the following: • Completed all of the courses necessary to become an addiction treatment counselor in the state of California with hopes of helping others who are struggling with addiction and mental health. • Worked for a year as a case manager at an addiction treatment facility. • Spent two years tutoring inmates who never finished high school. Education is the greatest tool we currently have for breaking the criminal cycle of repeat offenders. • I currently visit prisons quarterly to help inmates without job skills train for their release so that they can become productive neighbors and not a burden on society. Most end up back in prison due to lack of hope or a support system. Through AILD, our recent tours have allowed us the opportunity to donate proceeds of sales to organizations that help others—notably Heart Support and families affected by the California fires… (CONTINUED IN NEXT POST)

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