Asking Alexandrian Danny Worsnop määrätty laulukieltoon: kiertue Yhdysvalloissa jää kesken

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 2.6.2022

Englantilainen, metalcorea soittava Asking Alexandria on joutunut jättämään meneillään olevan Yhdysvaltojen-kiertueensa kesken yhtyeen laulaja Danny Worsnopilla todetun kurkkutulehduksen vuoksi. Yhtye on julkaissut aiheesta virallisen tiedotteen, jonka mukaan Worsnop tulee tarvitsemaan lepoa ainakin muutaman viikon laulamisesta ja sen vuoksi kiertueen loput keikat on bändiltä peruttu. Voit lukea bändin tiedotteen tästä:

“To all of our AAfamily. As you’re aware by now, we have had to miss the last few shows of our tour because Danny has suffered from a severe throat infection. Today, we all woke up early in anticipation of receiving news from a voice specialist in Nashville. Unfortunately, the news we received was not the news we were hoping for and we have been told that Danny cannot sing for the next few weeks and needs to remain on vocal rest.

Obviously, this means we will not be able to continue without North American tour and it breaks our hearts to have to say that. Whilst Danny recovers we will be working diligently to book a new tour so that we can get back out there and see you all again. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us at one of these shows and thank you to everyone else for your understanding.

We love you guys and we will be back as soon as possible. Nothing More, Atreyu and Eva Under Fire will be continuing the tour without us. However if you would like a refund please do so from your point of purchase. Once Again, we are sorry, we love you.”