At The Gates julkaisi livevideot ”The Burning Darkness” sekä ”The Scar” -kappaleistaan

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 12.11.2022

Ruotsalainen, melodista death metalia soittava At The Gates julkaisi livevideoita vuoden 2019 Roadburn-festivaalin keikalta. Videoilla päästään fiilistelemään bändin livemenoa ”The Burning Darkness”- ja ”The Scar” -kappaleiden verran.

At The Gates kiertää parhaillaan Eurooppaa ”The Nightmare of Being” -albuminsa tiimoilta ja esiintyy Helsingissä joulukuun 14. päivä.

Laulaja Tomas Lindberg kommentoi:

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“We are super excited to finally being able to go on a European tour supporting our latest album ‘The Nightmare Of Being‘. Adding to the excitement is of course the fact that founding guitar player Anders Björler is back in the fold. With the fantastic reception we got at Damnation Festival last weekend it feels like a really great time to be in At The Gates.

These two videos were recorded live during our ‘Roadburn Festival‘ performance, as part of my curation, a couple of years back. ‘The Burning Darkness‘ is one of the cornerstones in our career for me personally. And having Costin’s [Chioreanu] great video art as a backdrop for that song was just amazing…Very happy with how this came out! For ‘The Scar‘, also a personal favourite from our early career, Costin has shot a captivating video that really catches the vibe of the track. Here you can also hear the fantastic Jo Quail Quartet playing together with us!”

Artikkelikuva: At The Gates – Nummirock – 2022 – kuvaaja: Sami Hinkkanen

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