At The Gates paljasti uuden albuminsa nimen ja julkaisupäivän

At The Gates

Ruotsalainen melodisen death metalin pioneeri At The Gates on paljastanut uuden albuminsa nimen ja julkaisupäivän. Yhtyeen kuudes pitkäsoitto on nimeltään ”To Drink From The Night Itself” ja se julkaistaan toukokuun 18. päivä Century Median kautta. Russ Russelin (Napalm Death, The Haunted, Dimmu Borgir) tuottama albumi on vokalisti Tomas Lindbergin mukaan konseptialbumi, joka on teemoiltaan lähellä yhtyeen vuonna 1992 ilmestynyttä debyyttiä ”The Red In The Sky Is Ours”.

Tuleva albumi on God Macabressa ja The Lurking Fearissa vaikuttavan kitaristi Jonas Stålhammarin ensimmäinen At The Gatesin riveissä. Stålhammar korvasi yhtyeen pitkäaikaisen kitaristin Andreas Björlerin, joka erosi tehtävästään viime vuonna.

Tomas Lindberg kertoo yhtyeen uudesta albumista:

”We have wrapped up the recordings of the new record, and we are super psyched! It has been a smooth process, and very creatively fullfilling. All people that we have worked with on this project have stepped up to our vision of the final product, and we are very excited about the result.

As you might have seen, we have worked with Russ Russel on this one, and he is really a master of getting the most intense takes out of us, and also has an ear for the rawness that we were after for this one. The vocals were recorded with Per Stålberg here in Gothenburg, and he always makes me deliver to a 100%. Right now we are getting the mastering done, and every new song that is bounced to us produces huge grins on our faces. This album sounds hungry and mean.

The title of our new record will be To Drink From The Night Itself, and it is, again a conceptual record. More details about the concept will be revealed once the album is more on its way. But it connects with the deep roots of the band, and has connections with some of the themes on The Red In The Sky Is Ours.

2018, we are ready, let´s do this!”

At The Gates nähdään Suomessa seuraavan kerran ensi kesän Tuska Open Airissa.