Avantasia tekee paluun tauolta

Avantasia 2015Edguyn vokalistina tunnettu Tobias Sammet on siirtynyt studioon toisen yhtyeensä Avantasian kanssa. Yhtyeen tuleva albumi on saanut nimekseen ”Ghostlights” ja se tullaan julkaisemaan vuoden 2016 alussa Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Albumi tulee olemaan jatkoa vuonna 2013 julkaistulle ”The Mystery Of Time” -nimiselle albumille. Voit lukea Tobias Sammetin virallisen viestin Avantasiaan liittyen tästä:

”In the past months I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio, an odd recluse in the basement, secretly working obsessively on something that reads and feels and sounds like a new – very strong – chapter in the story of . I must say AVANTASIA is a fantastic outlet for creativity, and it’s truly inspiring to create a piece of music for so many great vocalists and instrumentalists.

The new material is very bombastic and dynamic, and even though it’s extremely diverse, every minute of it sounds like AVANTASIA. I’m really proud of what we’re creating right now. And as if that wasn’t enough: I’m anxiously looking forward to hitting the road again. I didn’t necessarily expect this to happen as in the past it has always been difficult to align the individual schedules of the guest stars, but things have worked out, and we’re ready to make it happen one more time! We’ll put on a big show, we’re gonna play over three hours, and we’ll take the fans to a magical world all its own – to AVANTASIA. The live setlist is going to embrace the entire history of AVANTASIA, from »The Metal Opera« to »Ghostlights« and of course everything in between!”

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