Baroness julkisti ”Live At Maide Vale BBC – Vol. II” -live-EP:nsä

© Ross Halfin

Amerikkalainen sludgen ja progressiivisen metallin tyylejä yhdistelevä Baroness on julkaissut vuonna 2019 BBC:n Maida Vale -studioilla äänittämänsä live-EP:n kuunneltavaksi ensi kertaa. ”Live At Maida Vale BBC – Vol. II” sisältää neljä live-sovitettua kappaletta yhtyeen viime vuonna julkaisemalta ”Gold And Grey” -albumilta.

Baronessin keulahahmo John Baizley kertoi MetalSucksille yhtyeen työstäneen tulevaa albumiaan varten jo yli kolmeakymmentä uutta kappaletta:

“We started doing Zoom meetings every Monday night, and mostly that’s because we’ve been writing since March or April. We’re talking about new stuff we’re doing, which is all file sharing, all trading elements of songs, and hoping when we get together that they congeal.

It seems really obvious to us that if we had all our eggs in the tour basket then we’d just remove them from that basket and put them into producing and creating new music. So at this moment I think we’ve written just under 30 songs, we have just under 30 songs started, and well over three hours worth of music to go through and refine and work on as a band now that we’ve individually all kinda done our things with it. It’s been really surprising and exciting.”


1. Throw Me An Anchor – BBC Live Version

2. Borderlines – BBC Live Version

3. I’m Already Gone – BBC Live Version

4. Tourniquet/Can Oscura – BBC Live Version

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