Baronessilla 30 uutta kappaletta työn alla – yhtye julkaisi livevedon kappaleestaan ”Front Toward Enemy”

Baroness (©Ross Halfin)

Yhdysvaltalainen metalliyhtye Baroness on työstämässä uutta musiikkia. Yhtyeen nokkamies John Baizley kertoi antamassaan haastattelussa MetalSucksille, että työn alla on kaiken kaikkiaan lähes 30 uutta kappaletta tulevaa levyä varten, joka tulee olemaan järjestyksessä kuudes studioalbumi.

Baroness streamasi hiljattain keikkansa Plaxall Gallerysta New Yorkista, ja keikalla kuultiin yhtyeen viimeisin albumi ”Gold & Grey” kokonaisuudessaan. Nyt kyseiseltä streamilta on kuultavissa konsertin ensimmäinen kappale ”Front Towards Enemy”. 

Lue katkelma haastattelusta ja kuuntele liveveto alta:

”We started doing Zoom meetings every Monday night, and mostly that’s because we’ve been writing since March or April. We’re talking about new stuff we’re doing, which is all file sharing, all trading elements of songs, and we’re hoping when we get together that they congeal.

It seems really obvious to us that if we had all our eggs in the tour basket then we’d just remove them from that basket and put them into producing and creating new music. So at this moment I think we’ve written just under 30 songs, we have just under 30 songs started, and well over three hours worth of music to go through and refine and work on as a band now that we’ve individually all kinda done our things with it. It’s been really surprising and exciting.

I don’t know if its a well-kept secret, but we work slow! We’re glacial. Everybody I’ve worked with in the past knows how long it takes for us to get everything together ’cause we do it in this ridiculously complex, layered and embellished way. It takes time.

So when all we had was time, initially I was afraid it was just going to be this sort of vicious cycle of having too much time, not knowing what to do with it and making the time it takes us to write twice as long, three times as long. But in fact we put some rules on it and made a routine out of it.

We’re writing music, better music, faster than we ever have in the past, so that’s been encouraging. At the same time, its also good to feel some encouragement about what we’re doing and to feel inspired. So [we’re] really putting our noses to the grindstone this year and keeping a low profile and just dedicating ourselves to writing something new and something great and something that feels genuine and unforced.

The fact that we’ve gotten so far into that process feels really great to me. I don’t know how viable it is to just write music, record music and release music without touring, but there’s definitely no other way to start whatever it’s going to be like for musicians and artists in the future.

It seems like a very safe bet to say if we have content, if we have new music, if we’re constantly in the cycle of writing and we take some of the energy that we usually spend on tour — which is a ton of it, it was supposed to be eight months this year — if we just take that energy and put it towards music production and creating new things, that’s the only place we can start from. Certainly doesn’t make sense to try to make up for lost tour time any other way.

It’s strange how narrow the focus gets and how that feels like it’s going to be a limitation and then, in fact, for Baroness, it just put us on a track that’s been great for us. Otherwise I think we would have four tours under our belt since the pandemic started, all over the place: Japan, Australia, Europe, another U.S. tour

So those things have already come and gone, but in the interim we have made so much new stuff that the prospect of the future is exciting for us because we’ve made it this far, we haven’t had to shutter the HQ, we haven’t had to call it quits yet.”

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