Beartooth saanut tulevan albuminsa valmiiksi

Yhdysvaltalainen hardcore punk -yhtye Beartooth on saanut uuden albuminsa valmiiksi. Yhtyeen edellinen albumi ”Aggressive” julkaistiin vuonna 2016. Bändin johtohahmo Caleb Shomo kertoo Instagram-tilillään:

“After a year and a half of coming up with the title and concept, writing songs, writing more songs, writing more songs, tracking, writing more songs, recording, mixing, having panic attacks, losing countless hours of sleep, traveling thousands and thousands of miles, laughing, crying, and non stop rocking… I have finished my masterpiece.

If I died tomorrow I’d be happy with my work. This is everything I have, and I honestly have no idea if I can ever top it. Thanks to everyone who believed in me and helped me achieve my dream album, and to everyone who didn’t believe in me, thanks for giving me the drive to prove you wrong. Time to fucking rock.”