Berzerker Legionilta toinen single tulevalta pitkäsoitolta

Death metal -legendojen muodostama Berzerker Legion on julkaissut singlensä ”World in Despair” kuunneltavaksi. Biisi on toinen single levyltä ”Obliterate the Weak”, joka julkaistaan kuluvan kuun 31. päivä Listenable Recordsin kautta. Vokalisti Jonny Pettersson:

”The concept for the song is a reflection on how no matter how much the human race evolves, and how far we have come, there will always and has always been religion there to try and bring us back to the dark ages. And they do so by using fear and terror, and wanting to build a world in despair.

Levyn biisilista:

1) Rise of the Berzerkers
2)A World In Despair
3)I Am The Legion
4)Of Blood And Ash
5)Obliterate The Weak
6)The Falling Dawn
7)The King Of All Masters
8)Upon The Throne Of Mortem
9)A Lurking Evil
10)In The Name Of The Father
11)Death Euphoria (CD exclusive bonus track)

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