Betraying The Martyrs siirtynyt virallisesti studioon nauhoittamaan tulevaa albumiaan

Betraying The Martyrs 2013Ranskalainen metalcorea soittava Betraying The Martyrs on julkaissut oman Facebook -sivunsa kautta viestin, jonka mukaan yhtye on siirtynyt virallisesti studioon nauhoittamaan järjestyksessään kolmatta albumiaan. Voit lukea yhtyeen viestin aiheesta tästä:

“Loyal fans, it brings us enormous amounts of pleasure to announce that we have officially entered the studio to record BTM LP3!

This is the first time in our professional careers that we are working full time with a producer on an album, none other than Justin Hill (Sikth, Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward,) which gives us all of our time to focus on recording the best, most efficient material we have ever written, with the best possible sound!

We have learnt from our previous albums what works and what doesn’t, what choices to take and to not take; and we can fully assure you, BTM LP3 will be the best, heaviest, epic, and most fat sounding material we have ever put out as a band!
Thank you all for sticking around for the ride, we cannot wait for this journey to begin.


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