Betraying The Martyrsin laulaja Aaron Matts jättää yhtyeen

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 2.4.2021

Ranskalaisen metalcorea soittavan Betraying The Martyrsin laulaja Aaron Matts on päättänyt jättää yhtyeen yli 10 vuoden yhteisen taipaleen jälkeen keskittyäkseen uuteen ten56. -nimiseen yhtyeeseensä. Matts on julkaissut lähtöönsä liittyen virallisen viestin Facebookissa ja voit lukea sen tästä:


Ten years have gone by in the blink of an eye, it feels like just yesterday I was moving to France to join the band that changed my life forever and brought me so many new experiences and countless friends; and although this is a decision that I initially made more than a year ago, it feels odd to be putting this into words now; but here we are.

Betraying The Martyrs has been the focus point of my life for the most part of these past ten years and was at some point the very thing that defined who I was as a person; but as you all know, times change and it is with a heavy heart but also with a great deal of anticipation that I have decided to part ways with my role as the lead vocalist of the band.

There are many reasons and factors that have played a role in making this decision, but what it really boils down to is simply the necessity to make decisions for myself, to do what’s right for me in order for me to remain healthy and happy; and above all, to remain true to myself, to who I am as a person, a musician, and to what really moves me artistically.

During the process of making this decision I felt like I had lost that passionate connection that I felt to music, to performing, and everything in-between; but I came to realize that I still have that fire that burns so bright, but that I need to do it for the same reasons that made me follow my heart at the very start of this journey. So, I got my head down and instead of putting my energy into giving up, I put it into building something that I can truly say is 100% of what makes me, me.
It brings me a great deal of excitement to save my breath on the regular “I’m still going to be active as a musician, so keep your eyes peeled” nonsense, and instead to announce that for the past year I have been building a new band that embodies everything I love about heavy music, something I feel extremely passionate about, and that in exactly one week from today, on April 9th, we will release the first single from a record that I am extremely proud of.
Over this past year, I have gotten together with some incredible musicians from outstanding bands (Novelists FR, Kadinja, Uneven Structure, etc.) and formed a well-oiled and destructive machine named ‘ten56.’

Ten56. is an embodiment of everything that inspires us, and keeps this fire burning. We’re incredibly excited to reveal this sound that we’ve been working on; the clip is full up and we’re ready to spray!

I of course want to take this opportunity to thank every single person that has ever been involved in helping to build BTM into what it is now; all of the fans both past and present, bands that I met along the way that had a huge influence in putting us on, and also those in the industry who put their blind faith in what we were doing. There are way too many people to list, but you know exactly who you are. Thank you to all of those people that so generously dived deep into their pockets to help us when we lost everything to a blaze and kept us going through the hardest days of our lives.
BTM is not over. The band have been working on incredible new material, and I can sincerely say that the torch has been passed to a very talented, and deserving individual who will not disappoint, trust me!

Thank you for the ride guys, all of you. It’s been real.