Betraying The Martyrssin rumpali jätti yhtyeen

Betraying The Martyrs 2016Ranskalaisen metalcorea soittavan Betraying The Martyrssin rumpali Mark Mironov on jättänyt yhtyeen jatkuvien viisumeihin liittyvien ongelmien takia. Miehen tilalle yhtyeen uudeksi rumpaliksi on nimetty Boris Le Gal. Voit lukea yhtyeen virallisen tiedotteen asiasta tästä:

“As some of you may have noticed, our adored drummer and friend Mark Mironov is no longer a present part of the BTM line-up; this comes as a result of on-going VISA issues with Mark being a citizen of Russia. The increased difficulties became a heavy weight on the band, both in terms of consistency, and financially too.

has been a band based on solidarity from day one, and although it comes with a heavy heart to announce Mark‘s departure, we are proud to announce our new drummer and brother Boris Le Gal as part of the family!

Boris brings to the band a new dynamic of technical ability, unique style, along with a shared vision of artistic direction that brings our potential to new heights! We are back stronger than ever with an album that is certain to blow all expectations out of the water, thank you all so much for your understanding and support, and welcome our friend Boris with open arms!”

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