Black metalista kertova dokumentti ”Blackhearts” etsii rahoitusta

Blackhearts 2015Black metalista kertova dokumentti Blackhearts on aloittanut rahoituskampanjan IndieGoGo:n kautta kerätäkseen rahaa 15 000 dollaria elokuvan viimeistelyyn. Dokumentti kertoo iranilaisesta Sinasta, kreikkalaisesta Kaiadasista sekä kolumbialaisesta Hectorista, jotka ovat suuria black metalin faneja ja matkustavat kotimaastaan Norjaan black metalin synnyinsijoille tutkimaan genreä. Dokumentissa myös perehdytään eri maiden musiikkisceneihin uskontojen pohjalta sekä pohditaan black metalin asemaa eri maissa. IndieGoGo kampanjassa voit ostaa itsellesi tapaamisen mm. Emperorin Ihsanin kanssa tai Satyriconin Frostin nimmaroidun rumpukalvon. Voit katsoa lyhyen videon dokumentista tästä:

IndieGoGo kampanja puolestaan löytyy täältä.

Ohessa vielä kertomus dokumentin henkilöistä sekä heidän taustoistaan:

SINA is from Iran, a country where performing or recording black metal music is strictly prohibited by law. Nonetheless, Sina works tirelessly, writing, composing and releasing music online for his one-man-band, From The Vastland – the only black metal band in all of Iran. When asked to play a Norwegian black metal festival, he faces a big dilemma, as the exposure brought by the festival poses a huge risk, which could put Sina and his family in a life threatening situation. If he goes to Norway, he might never be able to return to his homeland. Will Sina boldly decide to follow his passion and risk it all?

HECTOR is a devoted Satanist and the frontman of Colombian black metal band Luciferian. His dedication to black metal music and lifestyle doesn’t quite fit with his village’s uber-Catholic majority. The trip to Norway to play a black metal festival feels like a whole lot of freedom for the band. But as Luciferian plans its trip, it becomes clear to Hector that fulfilling visa application requirements will be challenging. He seeks advice from his Satanic mentor in Colombia, the “Black Pope,” and organizes a formal ritual of selling his soul to the Devil to obtain the visa. They manage to get their visas. Was it because of the ritual? Regardless, Hector and his band are in for a life-changing journey across the world.

KAIADAS’ day job seats him as a member of the Greek Parliament, representing right-wing party Golden Dawn. By night he is frontman of the black metal band Naer Mataron. Kaiadas and his band feel a strong emotional link to Norway and Norwegian history through their passion for black metal. Throughout the film we get unique access to the inner rooms of Golden Dawn, and to Kaiadas’ underground black metal lifestyle. But before he is able to fulfill his dream of playing a Norwegian black metal festival with his band, he gets locked up for alleged association with a criminal organization, for which he faces 20 years in jail.

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