Black Sabbathin rumpali Bill Ward julkaisi runon – inspiraationa koronavirus

Kirjoittanut Vilma Peltokangas - 7.4.2020

Legendaarisen heavy metal -yhtye Black Sabbathin rumpali Bill Ward on julkaissut runon, jonka inspiraationa toimii koronaviruspandemia. Runo on kirjoitettu 19. maaliskuuta, kun koronavirus alkoi vaikuttaa liikkeiden aukioloihin, ja ihmisiä kehotettiin pysymään kotona myös Los Angelesissa. Runo on nimeltään ”Arrival Points”. Voit katsoa miehen alkuperäisen Twiitin ja lukea runon alta:

”Thankful to be placed back into day
Out of a night, containing uncertainty about most things,
Drinking water, my thirst diminishes from its anxious posturing,
And thinking if anything physically got lost with the night,
I’m all here, I declare loudly,
Praising life, there is no resistance to break my fast
It’s damp outside, my favorite, and grey, a lover
that fascinates: me, caresses all that my sight looks upon.
And crow now arrives, on this drab morn,
Its raucous screech, diminishes all in my mind
Drawn in, I am a spirit free
Unladen, I can reach my heart my soul,
emptied out, I breath in the morning,
I visit the sea shore in my mind,
not much to drop upon squawks crow,
I admire his wing span as he rises up and flies away
Unlike crow, I think there is much to think upon, hopefully my
legs will carry me today,
hopefully to see smiles and hear laughter, hopeful to see
greenery overcoming trudgery, hopeful to breath air, over
and over again.”