Black Tide asetti albumin otsikon ja julkaisupäivän

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 18.5.2011

Yhdysvaltalainen metalliyhtye Black Tide julkaisee uuden “Post Mortem” albuminsa elokuun 23. päivä DGC/Interscope Recordsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi kitaristi-vokalisti Gabriel Garcian viesti aiheesta.

“August 23rd 2011 will be huge step in our lives. Not only as a band, but as people. This record means everything to us. We poured our heart and soul into this and have been waiting for it to come out like the rest of you. ‘Post Mortem‘ is the name of the record. It means ‘after death’.

The reason we love this title is because we feel that we are so lucky to be able to be doing this, and having an opportunity to put our music out there is honestly the closest thing to heaven we have on this earth. It’s a like a dream. We love all our fans and hope to see you all at the Rockstar Energy UPROAR Festival this summer! This is the beginning of a long, crazy and yet beautiful ride.”