Black Veil Bridesin kitaristi Jeremy ”Jinxx” Ferguson: ”Meillä on kuusi kappaletta valmiina tulevaa albumia varten”

Yhdysvaltalainen teatraalista rockia soittava on työstänyt materiaalia tulevaa albumiaan varten koronaviruksen pakottaman keikkatauon aikana. Yhtyeen kitaristi Jeremy ”Jinxx” Ferguson on antanut hiljattain Myglobalmindille haastattelun, jossa on kertonut bändillä olevan kuusi kappaletta valmiina tulevaa albumiaan varten. Jeremy kertoi haastattelussa albumin tilanteesta seuraavaa:

”We have been writing up a storm. I can’t talk too much about what we envision for the next album, but we are revisiting the idea of another concept record like we did with [2013’s] ’Wretched And Divine’. It would be fun to do another concept CD, but we’ll see how things pan out. We have six solid songs written, and we are still writing. Once we do this show [’Re-Stitch These Wounds’ record-release concert on August 1], we will head back into the studio to write some more. We have been doing it all ourselves. Jake [Pitts, guitar] will be producing it, and we are tracking vocals and guitars at his studio. I’m recording the strings at my studio.

With COVID going on, we have all been quarantined and working at home, but when we do get together, it’s just us and maybe our wives. When we are all in the same room bouncing ideas off each other, it’s a never-ending flood of inspiration and ideas. I’m excited for fans to hear what we are coming up with.”

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