Blaze Bayley kertoo haaveilevansa Iron Maiden -keikasta, jossa esiintyvät kaikki kolme yhtyeen kanssa levyttänyttä laulajaa

Blaze Bayley interview 2016Entinen -laulaja ja sittemmin soolouran aloittanut kertoo tuoreessa Metal Talks -haastattelussaan haaveilevansa Iron Maidenin erityiskeikasta, jossa esiintyisivät kaikki kolme yhtyeen kanssa levyttänyttä laulajaa: , hän itse sekä alkuperäinen Paul Di’Anno. Hän kertoo aiheesta seuraavaa:

”What I really want to happen — and a lot of fans ask me about this — is a MAIDEN gig, like a one-off, where it’s the three singers [all going up on stage].”

”It’s never gonna happen in a million years, but all the fans I speak to about it go, ’Yeah!’ And, man, can you imagine the arguments in the pub: ’Oh, Paul’s the best’ ’Oh, it’s Bruce [Dickinson].’ ’Oh, it’s Blaze.’ [Laughs]”

”Man, I would absolutely… I’d be there, man. I think it would be so much fun, because it would be purely… it would be really fan-orientated. You would have to know the whole spectrum of IRON MAIDEN; you can’t be a fairweather fan. You’d have to know the whole spectrum of what IRON MAIDEN’s history is to know the significance of Paul and of me and of Bruce. And I think it would be great to get the three of us together.”

Hän kertoo myös yhtyeeseen liittymisestään vuonna 1994, jolloin metalliyhtyeet olivat epävarmoja tulevaisuuden suhteen grungen kasvavan suosion vuoksi:

”People weren’t dressing up to go on stage, they were looking at their shoes, and it was okay to have suicidal thoughts and all of this business”

”And it was not a happy time for me, coming from WOLFSBANE and being a fan of IRON MAIDEN. I was anti-grunge. I liked some of the music, but the attitude was all wrong for me. I thought, ’Why can’t you have this great music without this attitude? Why do you have to hate IRON MAIDEN? Why can’t you like NIRVANAand like IRON MAIDEN? Why can’t you like SOUNDGARDEN and like…? It’s good music. Why do you have to have this…?’ It was just wrong, man. And I think that was part… Because they had the attitude, it started to split the scene, and there was no going back from that.”

Dickinsonin palattua Bayleyn tilalle 1999 musiikin myyntiluvut saavuttivat huippunsa ja nuoremmat kuluttajat alkoivat suosia uusia formaatteja. Bayley kertoo:

”What was happening, CD sales worldwide were going down.”

”If you remember, that was when METALLICA sued Napster. And they got a lot of stick for that, but they were doing something which was right. They were stopping pirates; they were stopping people stealing stuff without permission. And what happened, those CD sales started going down, and that’s it. So all these artists which could put on these huge shows, [and] they could supplement the tour with CD sales, that started to hurt, man, and there was no money coming from CDs. EMI closed down every factory in every country of the world that made CDs; EMI stopped making CDs. So this is it, man. That’s the real story of what was happening. So I was there in that time of fear and darkness in the music industry, when there was so much paranoia around. And that was a very dark time.”

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