Blaze Bayleyn tulevan albumin kansi julki

Blaze Bailey 2015Iron Maidenin entisenä vokalistina sekä myös Wolfbanessa vaikuttanut on asettanut tulevan albuminsa nimeksi ”Infinite Entanglement”. Mies aikoo julkaista seuraavan albuminsa maaliskuun 1. päivä. Voit lukea Blaze Bayleyn kommentit tulevaan albumiin liittyen sekä katsoa albumin kansitaiteen tästä:

”It’s a concept album. My first solo album was influenced by science fiction and a lot of my favorite books and also things that are happening in science fiction and artificial intelligence — with ’Silicon Messiah’; that was my first one. And then I did a full concept album with my second solo album called ’Tenth Dimension’. This follows on, really, from both of those albums, some of the ideas that I had back then, as well as some of the things that are happening in quantum physics; I’ve become more interested in that. So, using that, really, it’s a story about someone who doesn’t know if they’re human. And I’m writing a book, and the album is based on the things that happen in the book.”

Blaze Bayley Infinite Entanglement 2016

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