Bleed From Within levytyssopimukseen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa: kuuntele uusi ”I Am Damnation” -single musiikkivideon muodossa

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 13.11.2021

Skotlantilainen heavy metal -yhtye Bleed From Within allekirjoitti Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa levytyssopimuksen, jonka kunniaksi julkaisi samalla ”I Am Damnation” -singlen. Tuore kappale on kuunneltavissa musiikkivideon muodossa, ja se antaa esimakua ensi vuonna ilmestyvästä albumista.

Yhtyeen rumpali Ali Richardson kommentoi levytyssopimusta:


Kaaoszinen joulukalenteri 2022 →

”I’m happy to finally announce that Bleed From Within have signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Their enthusiasm was obvious from our first conversation back in 2020 but as negotiations continued, the team proved that they possess the passion, drive and knowledge to take this band to the next level. It’s also an honour to join such a prolific roster – something that we do not take lightly. I Am Damnation is the first step in a new chapter for us; a sonic development and a true taste of the music that has still to come as part of this new deal. I’m very excited for our future together and can not wait to share what we’ve been working on.”