Blind Guardian julkaisi uuden ”Secrets Of The American Gods” -singlen musiikkivideon kera

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 20.3.2022

Saksalainen power metal -yhtye Blind Guardian julkaisee syyskuussa uuden albuminsa, jolta on nyt kuunneltavissa ”Secrets Of The American Gods” -kappale musiikkivideon muodossa. Video on kuvattu viime vuoden aikana, jolloin bändi nauhoitti studiossa uutta albumiaan.

Laulaja Hansi Kürsch kommentoi biisiä:

”The time has come to unveal another secret: With ’Secrets Of The American Gods’, we proudly present you the epic side of our new album that’s going to be released in September. This single edit focuses on the essence of this magnificent composition and gives you an insight into our creative work in these eventful times. The vivid construction of this song circles around its core, the monumental chorus – hopefully the ”American Gods” worthy. A thoroughly felicitious ear candy, in my opinion. I promise you, it’s not easy to get rid of the refrain. The tracks gets completed with the fantastic making-of-clip that Dirk Behlau created. Enjoy the moment and keep the secret: Be assured that we still haven’t played all our cards and still have some aces up our sleeves. Maybe no additional secrets but celestial surprises. Stay tuned!”