Bring Me The Horizonin lämppärinä Suomessa vieraillut Basement Fueled By Ramen Recordsille

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 5.2.2017

Suomessakin hiljattain Bring Me The Horizonin kanssa vieraillut englantilainen rockia soittava Basement on kiinnitetty Fueled By Ramen Recordsille. Yhtye aikoo uudelleenjulkaista uusimman albuminsa ”Promise Everything” bonus materiaalin kera maaliskuun 17. päivä. Bändi on kommentoinut sopimusta seuraavasti:

“When we recorded the album Promise Everything we didn’t have the luxury of time. The concept of sitting on songs and making sure we were happy with their arrangement was alien to us.

With the re-release of the record we felt it was the perfect opportunity to go back to the song we thought was the strongest and make it as good as we could. Here’s what we came up with! Thanks for checking it out.”