Brittiläinen levy-yhtiö Candlelight myyty Spinefarm Recordsille

candlelightlogo_638Brittiläinen metalliin keskittynyt levy-yhtiö on myyty Spinefarm Recordsille. Spinefarmin erikoisalaan kuuluu metalli sekä rock ja sen omistaa Universal Music Group. Candlelightin omistajat Edward Christie ja Steve Beatty tiedottivat asiasta artisteilleen sähköpostilla. Yhtiön artisteja ovat mm. raskasta metallia soittavat Ihsahn, Vision Of Disorder ja Abigail Williams. Voit lukea omistajien kommentit kaupoista tästä:

”It’s been a great ride and we are immensely proud of what we have achieved in those years. We have enjoyed working with [all the artists] and it has been great to have made some genuine friendships along the way. We have released some amazing music, some of which can genuinely be termed as classics of their genres, a major achievement. We have also released some records that were received so badly that frankly people thought we were insane, but we liked them and we thought they should be heard.”

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