Bullet For My Valentine siirtyy studioon ennen vuoden loppua: ”Raskainta materiaalia mitä bändiltä on koskaan kuultu”

Walesilainen metalliyhtye on aikeissa siirtyä studioon ennen vuoden loppua. Yhtye on kirjoittanut 20 kappaletta, ja luvassa on raskainta materiaalia Bullet For My Valentinen historiassa. Yhtyeen kitaristi Michael Paget ja laulaja-kitaristi Matt Tuck ovat viettäneet aikaa demottamalla materiaalia tulevaa albumia ajatellen. Paget kertoi asiasta The Ex-Man -podcastissa.

”We’re, I’d say, 85 percent [done] writing. We did a bunch last year. Obviously, we did fuck all this year. Matt’s been down the last few weeks, down at my place, up in the garage, in the studio, so we’ve been demoing. I think we’ve got about five or six in the last few weeks as well — four or five, maybe — to add to the list. There’s about 20 songs, but we’re weeding out the [best] ones [for the album].

It’s heavy as fuck — it’s, like, the heaviest BULLET stuff you’ve ever heard, which is cool. Everyone’s vibing. [Matt is] cool. I’m cool. The boys are cool. It’s just we need to get out of this situation we’re in so that music carries on and we can put on shows again. Same as everybody else that’s in the same situation.”

Kitaristilta kysyttiin myös kuinka hän on selvinnyt korona-ajasta ja arvostaako mies sitä, että on saanut viettää aikaa kotona useamman kuukauden:

”Not the road, but I need to work — I need to do something. [After spending] three or four days at home, I’m, like, ’What the fuck’s going on? I need to do something.’ So thank God I’ve got a studio that I can record and just mess around in. It’s saved me through the lockdown — it really has — ’cause it’s just across the driveway in the garage. So it’s nice. I’ve got my own space. I can make it as loud as I want, as quiet as I want. I can spend time up there. I can think about things — get creative.”

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