Bullet For My Valentinen Matt Tuck: ”Gravity-albumi on minulle todella henkilökohtainen”

Bullet For My Valentine – Rockfest 2018.

Viime viikolla Hyvinkään Rockfestissä esiintyneen Bullet For My Valentine-yhtyeen johtohahmo Matt Tuck on availlut tulevan ”Gravity”-albumin sanoituksia WhatCulturelle antamassaan haastattelussa. Tuck on avoimesti kertonut perhe-elämänsä rikkoutuneen eron myötä ja kärsineensä viimeiset kaksi vuotta ahdistuksesta ja masennuksesta, joten uuden albumin sanoitukset kertovat paljon omakohtaisista kokemuksista tuona aikana.

Matt Tuck kertoi, että levyn sanoituksiin kanavoidusta tuskasta tuli lopulta hänen suosikkialbuminsa, vaikka se kuullostaakin kliseiseltä:

”It’s showing a very different side to me that I’ve never shown before. It’s a very vulnerable, tender and up-and-down version of me. It wasn’t something that I intended to do, but the more I was doing it, the better the songs started to become. The more tortured I’ve been, the better this album has become. Such a cliché!. But it is my favorite Bullet record. It was more just being mentally strong enough to deal with it, unfortunately. I’m not a very outgoing person and I like to bottle things up. I don’t like to speak about my emotions to people, so I think having the band and music really, really helped me. Otherwise, it would still be inside. I used it as an outlet and, as the songs started to develop, I felt like I had a purpose again. I didn’t even want to write songs; I couldn’t be arsed. I just kind of dealt with it. I had the outlet of songwriting, and as soon as that started, I went to a therapist. Then the break-up thing started to calm down, so it took a lot of time and a lot of things coming together at the right time.”

Laulaja kertoi haastattelussa vielä mistä albumi sai nimensä:

”The ”Gravity” title was based on the idea of ”the weight of the world” on your shoulders constantly dragging you down. And then, having the wings on the album’s front cover is the moment where you can just fucking take off. Having them look super vibrant was purposeful: we didn’t want it to be all doom and gloom.”

Bullet For My Valentine julkaisee ”Gravity”-albuminsa 29.kesäkuuta.