Between The Buried And Me vokalisti studioon nauhoittamaan sooloalbumiaan

Tommy Giles Rogers (Between The Buried And Me)Yhdysvaltalaisen progressiivista metallia soittavan Between The Buried And Me:n vokalisti Tommy Rogers on siirtynyt virallisesti studioon nauhoittamaan tulevaa ”Modern Noise” nimeä kantavaa sooloalbumiaan. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Tommyn viesti asiaan liittyen.

“I’m very happy announce that I’m back recording another record with Jamie King. Can’t explain how excited I am about this material. We are about 60% done and it’s sounding above and beyond. Drummer Will Goodyear is a perfect addition to the session and has really helped bring these songs to life. I’m anxiously awaiting for the world to hear this Modern Noise.”

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