Burning Witches julkaisi akustisen koronasession vierailijoiden kera: mukana muun muassa The Iron Maidensin Courtney Cox

Sveitsiläinen heavy metal -yhtye kokosi muutama päivä sitten voimansa akustiseen koronasessioon ja tarjoilee nyt faneilleen livevedot kappaleista ”Black Magic”, ”We Eat Your Children” sekä ”Dance With The Devil”. Mukana menossa nähdään myös The Iron Maidensista tuttu Courtney Cox, Pater Iltisin Larissa Ernst sekä Nungaran ja Alkoholikan riveistä tuttu Noelle Dos Anjos.

Viisikko kiittelee vierailijoitaan jamisessioon osallistumisesta ja lupaa esitellä myös uuden kitaristinsa faneilleen pian:

”With great joy we present to you our recent acoustic session that we performed with some friends, spontaneously a few days ago. As some of you missed the live stream, we are happy to be able to present a video of the jam!

We want to thank our guests, Courtney who already played with us for the third time now, Noelle for the very last minute jam and our good friend Larissa for preparing the session with us. It was a great pleasure to have you ALL on board!

We also want to thank our faithful fans for standing by our side through the good and bad times. We really appreciate that support and we’re excited to introduce you to a new lead guitarist soon! We want to take our time to choose somebody that understands the philosophy & the friendship of the WITCHES – and is there to stay! With this mind: We’re ready to fight!!!”

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