We Butter The Bread With Butter kitaristi jätti yhtyeen

Saksalaisen We Butter The Bread With Butterin kitaristi Kenneth Iain Duncan on jättänyt yhtyeen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Ianin virallinen viesti asiaan liittyen.

Hey Everybody,
I will make this one short.
I am no longer in We Butter the Bread with Butter.

We have mutually made this decision because we have drifted apart, musically and personally, developed different goals and just could not find consensual agreements any more. I have had an amazing time with this band, I got to meet lots of amazing people, been able to share stages with more bands I could ever have imagined and been able to live the dream I have dreamed of since I was young.

As for me, I do not regret anything and will always deeply cherish the time with the boys.

Although I have been able to live my childhood dream I feel I just haven`t been given enough space in the band.
My personal needs just werent met, the material I wrote turned down, disliked by the others and I have been exposed to, what I felt, a great deal of unreasonable criticism. Over the years, I have given everything for this band, quit my studies, lived off babysitting jobs and guitar-lessons to stay flexible, yet I think that I have not been given enough say in many important decisions and not been granted enough access to financial matters. There was criticism about my behavior, I wasn’t given choice of what to wear on stage, even how to “behave” on social networks such as Facebook without have been given the chance to agree or deny. This caused a lot of friction within the band. I felt that particular individuals in the band gained too much over-control in a non-healthy and this affected the whole structure of the group and entirely extinguished my sense of synergy within the band.

I just wasn`t able to develope myself anymore and fuel the band the input I had to give and be the character I am.
Originally we had decided that I would be playing the remaining festivals of this summer meaning I would be able to “say good-bye” to all the fans and friends but now the it seems that the decision has been made to replace me.
Therefore, at this point I obviously do not have many positive things to say.

I am already working on new projects and because I have chosen the path in life of being a musician with full heart, you all can be sure to hear from me soon.Check out my artist page for news and updates on my musical activities.

I will never stop playing music


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