Caleb Shomo Beartoothin neljännen albumin kimpussa: ”Tämä on ehdottomasti paras albumi, jonka parissa olen työskennellyt koskaan”

Yhdysvaltalainen hardcore-yhtye Beartooth on parhaillaan työstämässä materiaalia tulevaa, järjestyksessään neljättä albumiaan varten. Yhtyeen laulaja Caleb Shomo on antanut hiljattain Mosh Talks With Beezin Terry ”Beez” Bezerille haastattelun, jossa hän on kertonut tulevan albumin olevan ehdottomasti musiikillisesti parasta, mitä hän on koskaan kirjoittanut. Caleb kertoi albumin kirjoittamisesta sekä tulevan albumin musiikista seuraavaa:

”I worked on a lot of this album on the road — a whole lot of this record. We honestly could not have been luckier with the way our record cycle laid out.

The ’Disease’ tour in Europe was our last tour of the cycle, and that finished on March 6th, I believe. And then the next week, everything got shut down. So we already planned to kind of take most of this year off. We planned on not taking it all off, like we’re probably gonna have to.

I’d already worked on a ton of the record, just writing out on the road; I brought a studio rig out there. And that was great.

When it first started, the whole lockdown thing, I just kind of emotionally shut down for a month,” he continued. ”But then I just kind of caught a second wind, probably two months ago, and I’ve just been ripping through songs. It’s pretty cool.

About a week ago, I sent kind of like my first ’draft one’ of the record to the higher-ups. But I’m still just gonna keep on writing. We’ve got plenty of time. But the record is going very, very well so far.”

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