Camilla Rhodes ilman laulajaa

Vokalisti Ben on jättänyt kanadalaisen Camilla Rhodesin. Bändi etsii nyt kuumeisesti korvaajaa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

Hey everyone,

As some of you have already been informed, Camilla Rhodes is now seeking a new singerTo make a long story short, Ben wasn’t into signing anymore. He always been a guitarist and he felt that his motivation reached a drastic point where he couldn’t continue with Camilla Rhodes. We have no hard feelings against him and wish him the best for his futur projects.

For now, that leaves us with a fresh album but no singer to support it.

We’ve been thinking a lot lately and came with the common conclusion that we are still into playing music together.

You know, breaking a band is easy when you go through tough times, but the four of us are still getting along very good and we don’t want to end the band. We know we can go through this and find someone who will be as motivated as us to pursue this amazing adeventure that is Camilla Rhodes.

So you’ve guessed it. The singer slot is now open and we are looking for someone to fill it.

You’ve heard what’s on myspace so you know what we are about.

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