Candirialta päivitys uudesta albumista

Yhdysvaltalainen metalcore -yhtye Candiria laittanut bändin Facebook -sivuille päivityksen koskien uutta albumia ja sen valmistumista. Yhtye ei ole lyönyt lukkoon vielä mitään julkaisupäivää tai vastaavaa, mutta suunittelee uuden albuminsa näkevän päivänvalon vuoden 2012 alussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin koko viesti aiheesta.

is in the studio and in the process of putting together music for what will be their next full length release. At this point there is no official release date or working title but the band is considering an early 2012 release.. The band is optimistic and very excited to be working together again on new music. “We’re touching upon all different styles with this one but we want it to be really aggressive . We feel Candiria fans will be thrilled to hear where we’re taking it” John LaMacchia stated regarding the release.

The music thus far has been recorded and engineered by Steve and Ken Schalk at Jupiter 4 studios in Rockaway, NY. Musicians Adrian Gonzalez of The Mars Volta and Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas are also slated to take part and create some magic on the record as well. The band is also planning to play 2 headlining dates in NYC next year to support the release. No dates have been set yet but the band wants to make it a very special 2 day event. Thats all for now, stay tuned for more regarding this release.”

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