Cannibal Corpseen liittynyt Erik Rutan: ”Yritän tehdä parhaani mukaan kunniaa Pat O´Brienille”

Julkaisimme sivustollamme uutisen tammikuussa, jossa kerroimme yhdysvaltalaisen death metal -legenda Cannibal Corpsen aikovan soittaa tulevat keikkansa Hate Eternal -yhtyeestä tutun Erik Rutanin kanssa. Erik Rutan on nyt avannut päätöstään liittyä mukaan Cannibal Corpseen Patin tuuraajaksi Metal Insiderin tuoreessa haastattelussa, jossa on kertonut toivovansa tehdä Patille kunniaa soittamalla keikat bändin mukana. Rutan kertoi bändiin liittymisestä sekä soittamisesta seuraavaa:

”So it’s been a lot of work, obviously, to learn a headlining set with CANNIBAL CORPSE. But I’ve been working my tail off. I’ve been playing guitar eight hours a day and working with the guys. Everything’s going great actually. I just learned the last song of the set, which I’ve learned 15 songs in three or four weeks, so I’ve really been working my ass off to make sure that, one, I know the songs. The good thing is, one, I’ve produced four CANNIBAL CORPSE records; two, I know all the records because I’m a fan of the band; and then three, these guys are like family to me. They’re friends of mine for a long, long time. So a lot of the songs I already kind of knew in my head, but just not on the guitar. I just have to apply it. But I’ve been working my ass off because, obviously, Pat O’Brien is one of the best guitar players in death metal, in metal period, and a really good friend of mine, and all the guys are.”

”I knew that when things happened that I might be needed, and if I was, I was gonna make damn sure that I was there to help the guys in every way I could, and also be the best I can to go out there and play my ass off because that’s what I do. I play guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for 30 plus years, and I love doing this shit. I wake up. I work on CANNIBAL CORPSE songs. I go to bed thinking about CANNIBAL CORPSE songs. That’s all I’ve been doing for the last four weeks. But I’m feeling good.”

”Listen, if someone had said… I don’t know how to describe the feeling actually, because I care about Pat and the CANNIBAL guys tremendously, and of course want what’s best for them, individually, collectively, in every regard,” he said. ”And in this situation, I’m more than honored and proud to be able to play with CANNIBAL CORPSE and fill in for Pat, but, of course, my thoughts are on playing the CANNIBAL CORPSE songs. On my friend Pat, I will be thinking positive thoughts for him as well. It’s a very unique situation for me. I’m excited, motivated, honored and concerned. There’s a lot of emotion involved in this. The one thing I know is that I’m gonna go out and be at my utmost best playing these songs with CANNIBAL: touring with MORBID ANGEL, and then touring with SLAYER. It’s kind of overwhelming a little bit. The whole thing is massive. I’ve been putting down and practicing my ass off, making sure that I’m on point. Anybody that knows me knows that everything I do I put 110 percent into it and certainly CANNIBAL CORPSE I’m doing everything I can to make sure that I’m honoring Pat O’Brien in the way he deserves to be.”

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