Cannibal Corpsen George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher: ”Jos Suicide Silence ei ole mielestäsi death metallia, niin haista paska”

Cannibal Corpse

Uransa järjestyksessään neljättätoista albumia,  ”Red Before Black”, marraskuun 3. päivä julkaiseva death metal -legenda Cannibal Corpse puolustelee uuden albuminsa johdosta paljon arvostelua saanutta deathcore-pioneeri Suicide Silencea. Metal Injection -sivuston omassa ”Livecast” -podcastissa hiljattain esiintynyt bändin keulakuva George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher asettuu Suicide Silencen puolelle, ja arvostelee lisäksi yhtyeen faneja, jotka yrittävät puhua bändin edesmenneen solistin Mitch Luckerin puolesta:

“[Suicide Silence] have been given a lot of grief from fans who say ‘Mitch would be rolling in his grave.’ To that I say, fuck off! You didn’t fucking know him. I knew him. We did a South American tour with those guys and I sang on one of their records, okay? Mitch is the one who asked me to do that, okay? I mean seriously, he asked me to do that.”

”We knew [bassist] Dan Kenny for years, before he was in Suicide Silence. Mitch and Dan Kenny were there and we were drinking in this bar in South America and I remember Mitch said ‘I know we’re kind of different death metal than you guys, and some people would say it’s not real death metal like you guys, and I would be honored if you sang on our record.’ And I was like ‘Dude, fuck all those people that don’t believe you’re real death metal. It’s just different. You do a different style. I would definitely do it.’ And of course, he passed away, but I did do it.”

”I did it, because they’re my friends, and whether Mitch passed away or not. And then, what happened happened. Then I see people who are just fans, no offense – obviously, fans are the lifeblood of this music, they’re the reason we’re here. They’re the reason every band is here. But it doesn’t give you the right to talk like you know Mitch, like ‘oh, Mitch is rolling in his grave, with you guys doing clean vocals.’ How the fuck do you know? Did you know him? Did you know. That irks me, man. I just don’t get it. I’m holding back but I was pissed off.”

”If it was somebody who was his actual friend… then fair enough, we can have this conversation. Otherwise, give me a break. Don’t just give me this ‘he’s rolling in his grave.’ That’s an insult to his bandmates, who lost their friend.” You can’t speak for him.”

“I’m taking up for my boys. Suicide Silence are my boys. If you don’t think they’re death metal, fuck you!”

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