Cast Aside lopettaa

Virginialainen hardcore -yhtye Cast Aside on päättänyt lopettaa uransa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi virallisen viestin bändiltä.

Its been a great run. is no more. thanks to everyone who supported us in any way. but most of all thanks to Tru, Linas, Tre and Jake, Malfunction/deathwish for all their support and helping make what it was. We never imagined that we would have gone as far as we did. We had a great time met a lot of great people along the way, played some great shows. thanks to all the people who put us up(kim l.a., pete m.) fed us, or helped us out in any way. big thanks to legan, adam and rashod, joe hardcore for hooking us up this year at this is hardcore fest. again thank you for your support!!!!!

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