Cattle Decapitation jatkoi sopimustaan Metal Blade Recordsin kanssa

Cattle Decapitation 2015Yhdysvaltalainen death metal -yhtye Cattle Decapitation on jatkanut sopimustaan Metal Blade Recordsin kanssa. Yhtye on kommentoinut sopimuksensa jatkoa seuraavasti:

”Very proud to have fulfilled our initial contract with Metal Blade Records and seeing this band rocketing into the future! We’re happy to announce that we’ve re-signed with Metal Blade Records for a few more albums and that we’ll be continuing this awesome relationship we’ve built up with the most important heavy metal record label on planet Earth over the last 14 years! LOTS of worldwide touring coming up. See you all soon as we continue our campaign ushering in ’The Anthropocene Extinction’!”

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