Children Of Bodomin keikat Belgiassa peruttu korkean terroriuhan seurauksena

Children Of Bodom 2015Kotimainen metalliyhtye Children Of Bodom on joutunut peruuttamaan keikkansa Belgiassa maan korotetun terroristi uhan seurauksena. Voit lukea yhtyeen virallisen tiedotteen asiasta tästä:

“Unfortunately our show in Belgium has been cancelled along with all Brussels shows through the 29th of November. This is due to the terror threat level being at a 4 until the 30th- they’re forced to cancel all shows. You should know the venue did try everything to keep this show, including requesting extra security from the city, but that wasn’t possible. We are grateful to them for trying. We are looking to try to get another show nearby and will let you know as soon as we have something, but you should refund your tickets to this show. All other COB shows are still happening, so come out and see you soon.”

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