Chimaira peruutti Euroopan kiertueen

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 11.8.2007

Chimaira on peruuttanut osallistumisensa tulevaan Eastpack Antidote touriin, joka sisältää tällä hetkellä Soilworkin, Calibanin sekä Sonic Syndicaten. Helsingin Nosturissa bändit vierailevat 29. lokakuuta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Chimairan virallinen tiedote peruuttamisesta.

”As you may or may not know, we have decided to cancel our upcoming U.K./European run.

”There’s really no way for us to describe our sorrow after having decided to pull out of the Eastpak Antidote tour. It was an extremely difficult decision for us to make, and one that we have been painfully mulling over for weeks now.

”We’d first like to apologize to all of our die-hard fans, and then to all the great guys (and girl) in SOILWORK, CALIBAN, and SONIC SYNDICATE.

”After nine years and more than 700 shows, we can proudly say that we’ve cancelled a little more than a handful. Our motto has always been that somebody’s got to be either sick or dead before we pull the plug. However, this time that is not the case. No one is sick, no one is dead, and not one of us is even tired. In fact, it’s the exact opposite… All six of us are on fire with creativity. And if we don’t take some time to let it flow, it could possibly go away.

”As a lot of you know, the last record brought a lot of unity and excitement back to our band. Our brotherhood is stronger than ever, and we’ve finally ’re-focused.’ We need to get back into the rehersal space and explore some of the song ideas we’ve got going on right now. This record cycle is certainly not over for us, and we still plan on touring heavily in support of ’Resurrection’ throughout the winter, and throughout 2008. We’re also not ’writing and recording’ a new record right now, so don’t get that idea… (maybe an EP??). We’ve just decided that we need to spend the next three months laying down some material that is flowing through us uncontrollably. We’ve looked at this decision from every angle, and the last thing we’d ever want to do is disappoint our loyal fans. But as painful as it was, we all agreed that this decision was best for CHIMAIRA’s ’Big Picture.’ So please be hopeful, like we are, that this decision will benefit us all in so many ways. After all, you’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot.

”So fear not Chimairians….. we’ve got a ton of great ideas in mind for the future. Our winter U.S. headlining tour will be some of our best shows to date. The production is going to be over the top, and you’ll see a fire in us like you’ve never seen before. Plus everyone is going to start hearing a lot of the songs that you’ve been asking for. ’Six’?… ’The Flame’?… ’Dead Inside’?… You got it. Well, maybe not ’Dead Inside’, but you get the picture. And we definitely plan on bringing the same passion overseas sometime in early 2008. We’ve got some killer ideas on the table, we’re shooting a new video, and frickin’ Andols is back!

”Finally, our sincerest hopes that you will all understand and forgive. And we promise to make it up to you all in one way or the other.”