Chris Adlerin (ex-Lamb of God) johtama Firstborne julkaisi uuden kappaleensa ”Soul Control”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 6.2.2021

Muun muassa Lamb of Godissa ja Megadethissa rumpalina toimineen Chris Adlerin luotsaama metalliyhtye  on julkaissut uuden ”Soul Control” -nimisen kappaleen Bandcampin kautta. Adlerin lisäksi yhtyeessä vaikuttavat James LoMenzo (Ex-MegadethWhite Lion), Girish Pradhan (Girish and The Chronicles) sekä kitaristi Myrone. Voit kuunnella lopputuloksen tästä:

Laulaja Girish Pradhan on kertonut kappaleesta, jonka masteroinnista on vastannut Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Iron Age), seuraavaa:

“Chris and I were in the green room after finishing our gig in Bangalore a few years back. He was like, ‘Hey I got some friends making music together. Myrone, James Lomenzo. You wanna try out the vocals?’, passed his phone to me and played a demo track.

Of course, the thing totally felt like some dream and I was super excited. After a few days, I started sharing vocal demos, mostly gibberish and the first line actually sounded like, ‘When everything goes south, I feel alive’. We kept discussing and building on that until eventually we had the track that became ‘Soul Control‘. Both Chris and Myrone were super encouraging and helpful in the process. We kinda defined how we were gonna work from there on.

To me, the song is about inner strength and will power. It’s about facing the challenges and in life and rising up against the odds!”