Chris Cornellin poika tähdittää isänsä ”When Bad Does Good” -kappaleen tuoretta musiikkivideota

Chris Cornellin tuoreimmalta muistojulkaisulta löytyvä kappale ”When Bad Does Good” on saanut tuoreen musiikkivideon, jota edesmenneen laulajan poika Christopher tähdittää. Vaimo Vicky Cornell on kertonut muun muassa neljästä CD:stä ja seitsemästä LP-levystä koostuvasta muistojulkaisusta näin:

“Since Chris’ sudden passing I have put all my efforts and energy into sharing his music and legacy with his fans from all over the world. I felt we needed to create a special collection to represent all of him – the friend, husband and father, the risk taker and innovator, the poet and artist. His soaring vocals found their way into the hearts and souls of so many. His voice was his vision and his words were his peace. This album is for his fans.”

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