Cipher System Noble Demon Recordsin talliin

Ruotsalainen melodista death metallia soittava  on solminut sopimuksen Noble Demon Recordsin kanssa. Bändi aikoo myös julkaista uuden EP:n tuoreen vokalistinsa Christian Älvestamin kanssa. EP:stä odotetaan lisätietoja vielä julkaistavaksi. Bändi kommentoi kiinnitystä seuraavasti:

“We tend to keep our fans waiting and longing for more after every release. And the number 8 seem to be a number of importance. From that the band formed it took us 8 years to release our first album “Central tunnel 8”. Then it took us 8 years to release a follow up. Now here we are in 2020, 8 years after the release of “Communicate the Storms” with a new release. This time we teamed up with both Black Lion and for the release. We are very excited to have our Christian Älvestam onboard, and we hope you are too!”

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