Civil Warin laulaja Patrik Johansson jätti bändin yllättäen

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 23.12.2016

Civil War 2015Ruotsalaisen heavymetal -bändin Civil Warin laulaja Nils Patrik Johansson on yllättäen jättänyt bändin. Johansson kertoi, että aikoo keskittyä Astral Doors- sekä Lion’s Share -bändeihin, joissa toimii laulajana. Lisäksi Johansson ei pysty lähtemään mukaan kiertueille siinä määrin, kuin Civil Warin on niitä tarkoitus tehdä. Civil War julkaisi tiedotteen Facebook-sivuillaan, kun tieto laulajan lähdöstä tuli ilmi:

”Good evening to you all! As some of you probably already noticed our vocalist Patrik suddenly left the band without any further notice. It came as a really big surprise to us all. We just had a meeting and we came to the conclusion that Civil War will go on, and all planned gigs and festivals will be done as planned! We’ll take the holidays now to let all this sink in and then we’ll start the hunt for a new singer after that. Best Regards / Myhr, Mullback, Rikard and Petrus! Stay tuned!”

Nils Patrik Johansson kirjoitti itse aiheesta omalla sivullaan:

”Ok…to avoid misunderstandings: I have left CW! They need to tour more and I am not the guy for that due to my work and family situation. I have given them some of my best songs and almost 5 years of my life. I love them but all things have an end… I wish that they can get a new singer that can carry on my legacy and the spirit of Civil War. If no new singer can be found in time, I will of course do the booked shows if they want. I will now focus on Astral Doors and perhaps more important to make a follow up to Lion’s Share’s epic Dark Hours! Merry Christmas. PS: thanks also to Napalm for their good job. Michael Thiesen you rock.”