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Comeback Kidin uudella ”Crossed”-singlellä vierailee Gojiran Joe Duplantier

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 4.12.2021

Kanadalainen hardcore punk -yhtye Comeback Kid julkaisi uuden singlen nimeltä ”Crossed”, jolla kuullaan Gojiran Joe Duplantierin lauluosuuksia. Biisi on kuunneltavissa musiikkivideon kera, ja se on mukana Comeback Kidin tulevalla ”Heavy Steps” -albumilla, joka ilmestyy 12. tammikuuta Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta.

Comeback Kidin laulaja Andrew Neufeld kommentoi tuoretta kappaletta:

”’Crossed’ is a no frills metallic hardcore track. Lyrically it deals with someone in my life that seemed so far gone and I had to watch them dig themselves further and further into a low and unrealistic place. ’Crossed into the void’ so to say. We enlisted Joe from Gojira to represent somewhat of an overlord menacing presence in the song. An overshadowing power via his blood curdling scream. This song is direct and to the point about staying in reality and warns of the elements that could bring us further into darkness.”

”Heavy Steps” -albumin kappalelista:
01. Heavy Steps
02. No Easy Way Out
03. Face The Fire
04. Crossed ft. Joe Duplantier
05. Everything Relates ft. JJ
06. Dead On The Fence
07. Shadow of Doubt
08. True To Form
09. Inbetween
10. Standstill
11. Menacing Weight

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