Conceived By Hate julkaisi uuden kappaleen tulevalta albumilta

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 2.11.2016

Conceived By Hate (2)El Salvadorialainen death/thras metal-yhtye Conceived By Hate on jakanut nimikkokappaleen tulevalta ”Death & Beyond”-albumilta. Järjestyksessään toinen albumi tulee ilmestymään marraskuun 13. päivä Skull Recordsin, Satanath Recordsin ja Deathgasm Recordsin kautta. Edellinen albumi  ”Pestilence Reborn” julkaistiin vuonna 2012. Yhtyeen kitaristi M.Q. kommentoi uutta albumia seuraavasti:

”We have been working hard unleashing releases every year since 2012 and we felt this was the time for a full album, after almost 15 fucking years we are still hungry and thirsty to evoke and create more releases. Personally ”Death & Beyond” as a title suited the album perfectly as a whole since brought the stench of death metal that we all share, for me this is not an evolution or a more ”mature” release, its an attempt of getting backwards to feel the old roots that are the fuel for the flame to inspiration, if you are looking for a technical, egocentric or virtuosism approach you will not find it here, this is metal to the skull, fucking Death Metal!. All was recorded at Devil’s Eve Studio in San Salvador, El Salvador.”


  1. Crossroad Of Fire
  2. This Is Underground
  3. Chaos Upon Us
  4. The Underdog
  5. We Choose Who Suffers
  6. Worship The Old Ways
  7. Below The Pale Sky
  8. Summoning The Graves
  9. Death & Beyond