The Contortionist vokalisti jätti yhtyeen

Yhdysvaltalaisen metalcorea soittavan The Contortionistin vokalisti Jonathan Carpenter on jättänyt yhtyeen. Hänen tilalleen yhtyeen uudeksi vokalistiksi on valittu Mike Lessard Last Chance To Reason -nimisestä yhtyeestä. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen viesti.

“It’s going to be a jarring change of pace for my life, not being on the road most of the year. Making songs with the band and then performing them in front of the best fans has been a once in a lifetime experience. I wouldn’t trade the perspective I’ve found in the past few years for anything. I got to meet so many amazing people and see a good chunk of the world. I absolutely intend to keep creating and playing music in the future, albeit in a more personal pursuit.

I will miss seeing everyone in the TC family very much. I wish the best to all of my band buds and everyone who supports live music and all this heavy banger music we’ve been making. I feel very excited for my future with the love of my life and our pups, and our little one on the way.

Music has always been one of my passions and that’s what drew me to this band in the first place. The music comes first, and I know that the talent of the band will rise above this member change and they will find a new arrangement that will blow your minds.”

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