Corey Taylor paljastaa siirtyvänsä tammikuussa studion uumeniin nauhoittamaan toista sooloalbumiaan

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 4.9.2022

Yhdysvaltalaisen metallijätti Slipknotin laulaja Corey Taylor on paljastanut tuoreessa Eddie Trunkin haastatelussa aikovansa siirtyä studion uumeniin talvella nauhoittamaan toista sooloalbumiaan, jonka julkaisu tulee tapahtumaan vuoden 2023 aikana. Taylor on haastattelussa kertonut albumin kappaleiden olevan jo valmiina mutta hän ehtii studioon nauhoittamaan niitä vasta Slipknotin kiertueiden jälkeen. Taylor kertoi tulevaisuuden suunnitelmistaan soolouran osalta seuraavaa:

”We’re gonna go in and bang it out and get it ready. And then once I’m done touring with Slipknot, I’m gonna throw together a really rad, ’rock is back’ kind of tour for the solo stuff and start bringing out some of the younger—maybe not even some of the younger rock bands, but just some of the bands that don’t get the chance or just don’t get the looks that are afforded to either pop bands and hip-hop bands or people like me who are kind of grandfathered in. So I’m gonna try and really kind of fly the rock flag and give some opportunities to some of the younger bands and maybe even just the mid-level bands that just haven’t had a shot. ’Cause there’s so many great bands out there.”

Taylor kertoi haastattelussa nauhoittavansa sooloalbumilleen todennäköisesti noin 15 kappaletta, joista osa kappaleista on sellaisia joita laulaja on esittänyt myös Corey Taylor & The Junk Beer Kidnap Bandin kanssa. Taylor kertoi albumin kappaleista seuraavaa:

”It’s about 15 songs. And it’s one of those cool things where some of it’s older stuff that I’ve written over the years. There’s actually a couple of songs that some of the fans know because I debuted them live when I was doing the JBKB [Corey Taylor & The Junk Beer Kidnap Band] thing. So there’s a song like ’Beyond’ and a song like ’Breath Of Fresh Smoke’ — both of those songs are getting recorded and released finally after… God, how many goddamn years would it be? Probably about 14 years, 16 years. But then a bunch of newer stuff. And there’s definitely a darker edge to it. It’s still very melodic, but I’m definitely starting to kind of bring together the things that I’m known for. And it’s less an homage of the stuff that I grew up on and more of what people are used to hearing from me — but still a solo album. So there’s still great rock and roll on it. There’s some heavier stuff, but there’s some really great slower stuff. It’s gonna be really rad.”