Corey Taylor Slipknotin tulevaisuudesta RoadRunner Recordsin jälkeen: ”Voimme tehdä mitä haluamme, emmekä ole sidottuja kehenkään”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 29.9.2022

Yhdysvaltalainen metallijätti Slipknot julkaisee tämän viikon perjantaina uuden ”The End, So Far” -nimisen albuminsa RoadRunner Recordsin kautta ja Kaaoszinen arvion albumista voit käydä lukemassa täältä. Yhtyeen laulaja Corey Taylor on antanut albumiin, joka jää yhtyeen viimeiseksi RoadRunner Recordsin kanssa haastattelun Apple Musicin Zane Lowelle, jossa on kertonut yhtyeen suunnitelmista tulevaisuuden suhteen. Taylor on haastattelussa todennut yhtyeen olevan nyt luovuuden osalta paljon vapaampi ja jos he haluavat esimerkiksi nauhoittaa tupla-albumin ja tehdä siihen ympärille elokuvan ovat he siihen täysin kykeneviä koska eivät ole sidottuja mihinkään sopimuksiin. Taylor avasi aihetta seuraavasti:

“I mean, it’s cool because at this point, we could do whatever. If we wanted to, we could do a throwback album where we just get in a room and write it live and figure it out. We could turn around and create something really complex and dark. I mean, we could do a double concept album with a movie wrapped around it and make it something that … So for me, it’s really about what do we want to do? What keeps us? At this point, we don’t need to come back to this until we really want to. Contractually, we can just say, we can do one offs for the rest of our career.

Obviously, some of us in the band have, outside of Slipknot, that allow us time to have the audience go, ‘you know what? It’s about time for a Slipknot album.’ So we have ways that naturally alleviate the weight and alleviate the pressure of having to go back to back, to back to back, if we don’t want to.

Let’s face it, Roadrunner is not what it used to be. It’s not even a shadow of what it used to be. So there’s no real urgency for us to stick with them to do anything. And because all of the people that we started with are gone, and they were fired in a very unceremonious way to the point where the last couple years.

So at this point, I mean we can just do whatever we want and not be beholden to anybody. I mean, what that means, we don’t know. Does that mean that more doors open or does that mean that doors close because we’re not a part of that system anymore?

And not that we really gave a shit about being a part of that system, but at the same time, access helps. So I mean, it just comes down to who wants to be a part of the next Slipknot thing. It’s just that way.”

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