Corrosion of Conformityn rumpalilla alkoholiongelmia: erotettiin yhtyeestä ainakin toistaiseksi

Corrosion Of Conformity 2015Yhdysvaltalainen sludge -yhtye  kertoo Facebookissa erottaneensa rumpali Reed Mullinin ainakin toistaiseksi tämän alkoholiongelman vuoksi. Hän sai alkoholin aiheuttaman kohtauksen juuri ennen keikan aloittamista sunnuntaina 6.5. Lue yhtyeen tiedote asiasta tästä:

”Last night In Edmonton, Alberta, COC drummer, Reed Mullin, had a seizure just as we were about to take the stage. This was preceded by prolonged, extreme and unhealthy levels of alcohol consumption, not taking care of himself and who-knows-what else. Reed has been unwell for awhile and we are praying he gets the help he needs and that he seek treatment for alcohol and drug dependency, not to mention general lifestyle assistance. This tragic event echoes a nearly identical incident In Pittsburgh a few years back, where Reed had a seizure just before taking the stage when the 3 piece version of the band were also opening for Clutch. Both instances were preceded by concerns about Reed’s well being and appearance.That incident resulted in five canceled shows. So years of assurances go by and we come full circle back to the same avoidable tragedy. This time we are leaving Reed with the medical experts in Edmonton and pressing on w the help of Jean Paul Gaster and Chris Adler, who quickly learned some songs. The show went on and will go on but we will not enable Reed to continue killing himself on our watch.

Again we ask everyone for prayers for Reed and understanding for our predicament. All the best to everyone and Reed get help,”- with a heavy heart, Mike Dean

Yhtye on parhaillaan lyhyellä kiertueella Lamb of Godin ja Clutchin kanssa, joiden rumpalit korvaavat Mullinia kiertueen ajan.

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