Cradle Of Filthin Dani Filth: ”Pelkään musiikin tulevaisuuden puolesta”

Cradle Of Filth 2015Englantilaisen äärimetallin legendan Cradle Of Filthin vokalisti Dani Filth on antanut hiljattain videohaastattelun Luxemburgissa TV Rock Livelle. Mieheltä on haastattelun aikana kysytty mitä asioita hän pelkää eniten ja Danin mukaan perheen hyvinvoinnin, rahojen riittämisen ja kaiken muun yleisten huolien lisäksi hän pelkää myös musiikin tulevaisuuden puolesta laittoman latailun sekä striimauspalveluiden takia. Voit lukea Danin ajatuksia aiheesta tästä:

”Obviously, you’ve got personal fears about family and money and mortgage and how you’re gonna pay for your next luxury yacht. [Laughs] That’s always a concern of mine. But, yeah, I fear for the future of music, because of the current climate of people downloading and having such a short attention span that they find it very hard to… People prefer to spend their money on whatever — I don’t know; computer games or whatever — rather than albums, and the realization that they will have soon that their favorite bands will start disappearing, winking out like faded stars, because they won’t have the money to do quality records or the money to tour. I know quite a few bands that I’m very good friends with, big bands, that people have taken other jobs. And they haven’t worked their whole lives — they’ve worked in the music industry — so going out and doing a manual day’s work is, not a surprise, ’cause they work hard, but it’s been a struggle for them, because they’ve got no qualifications in that area of expertise. And so it’s just making their lives very difficult musically. We’re quite fortunate in our band that we’ve survived twenty-two years, we’re a big band, but the mountain is sliding, and the bands are sliding downhill, because there’s such an avalanche of new bands and bands are reforming because they’ve reached the age where they’ve got a bit of time on their hands — they’re in their mid-forties — and they wanna restart the band, and the lack of sales… So I do fear. I don’t believe it’s the death of music. I think with the opening up of Eastern Europe and Russia, that will extend people’s touring cycles., whereas before they used to just go to… they’d do Europe, they’d do Asia, they’d do America, primarily.”

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