Cro-Mags julkaisi musiikkivideon kappaleeseensa ”No One’s Victim” – uusi EP julkaistaan joulukuussa

New Yorkin punk-legenda Cro-Mags on julkaissut kappaleeseensa ”No One’s Victim” musiikkivideon, jonka voit katsoa uutisen lopusta. Lisäksi yhtye julkaisi hiljattain uuden singlen nimeltä ”From The Grave”, joka löytyy myös tulevalta EP-levyltä. Kyseinen EP ilmestyy 6. joulukuuta Arising Empiren kautta. Harley Flanagan kommentoi:

“The lyrics are meant to inspire and kick you in the ass when you need it. Some might not take them that way, but that’s my intention. Sometimes you need someone to tell you to man-the-fuck-up, or woman-up, cause life ain’t easy and you will get crushed if you don’t. I wrote them more for myself than anyone else, cause sometimes I need to hear these things, as I think we all do.
Some of them were inspired by loss, the loss of friends, by suicide, cancer, struggling with depression, mortality and ultimately the beauty of life. You have to be able to recognize it, even when you’re suffering and struggling. Although we all fight our own personal battles, and they vary, none of us are alone in the fact that we have to fight our battles, and many of them we must fight alone. In that way, we all have something in common, besides needing basic things like food water and shelter. We also must learn how to cope with struggle and mortality. Some rise to the top while others crash and burn.
I feel like I crashed and burned enough times that I somehow managed to rise back to the top. I feel stronger, happier mentally, spiritually and physically than I have in years; and it did not come without a struggle or cost. But that is life; you have to fight for what you want, and you also have to know how temporary it all is.”


”From The Grave” -EP:n kappalelista:

01. From The Grave
02. PTSD
03. Between Wars

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