Cro-Magsin perustaja Harley Flanagan haastaa yhtyeen oikeuteen bändin nimen oikeuksista

New Yorkin hardcoren pioneereihin lukeutuvan Cro-Magsin perustaja, Harley Flanagan, on haastanut yhtyeen oikeuteen bändin nimeen liittyvistä oikeuksista. New York Postin mukaan yhtyeen vuonna 1981 perustanut Harley vaatii muilta yhtyeen jäseniltä oikeutta yhtyeen nimen käyttöön, ja miehen mukaan yhtye on tehnyt väärin keikkaillessaan Cro-Mags -nimen alla ilman Harleyn suostumusta. Flanagan on kertonut kaksi vuotta sitten haastattelussa haluavansa tehdä sovinnon yhtyeen kanssa, mutta sen tuntuvan silti varsin mahdottomalta bändin muiden jäsenten haluttomuuden takia. Aiheesta hän on kertonut seuraavaa:

”But I don’t think they are ready or able yet. But I would do it. I have put it out there and I want that to be known. But in all honesty, I really care less and less about it every day. I would do a show, to make the fans happy. I’d record a album, ’cause I think we could do a great one and I think it’s a shame that we only ever recorded the one record, ’The Age Of Quarrel’, as a group. I would be happy to share the stage with them one last time. But, honestly, none of them are people I really want in my life at this point. I am in a great place in my life and I don’t really want to bring any negativity or any of those guys back into my life. A show would be great, and for the fans I would do it. A record would be great. I write songs every day; that’s never a problem. And I would even love to play with them, all of them again, even if it was just in a rehearsal studio together in front of no one just to do it. But it’s all good. I’m not holding my breath.”